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16th of February 2014 0

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin for Ecommerce Website?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good photo gallery/slider plugin that allowed the user to
(1) View the images in either a slide show or gird format
(2) Click on the image to bring them to the item’s description.
(3) Resize the images automatically.

Right now I’m using the free ecommerce theme Virtue, and it has a slider option for the home page. It does everything I want it to but it does not resize the images… I downloaded a Nextgen photo gallery, but I don’t see any option for me to link pages to the images in the gallery and i’ve been exploring the plugin’s settings for an hour…

If anyone has a good plugin they know of please let me know!

Best answer:

Answer by Melissa
You can try:

JPHOTOGRID – ZOOMABLE JQUERY IMAGE GALLERY – http://blogfreakz.com/jquery/zoom-image-jquery/
GALLERIFFIC – FAST PERFORMING PHOTO GALLERIES – http://blogfreakz.com/jquery/galleriffic-fast-performing-photo-galleries/

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