Which is easier to learn: jquery or javascript ?

5th of November 2013 1

Which is easier to learn: jquery or javascript ?

I’ve tried learning javascript from a book but it makes my eyes glaze over (like reading an encyclopedia) is jquery an easier alternative?

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Answer by jared
Javascript is fairly simple… I can’t learn it from a book. Try using it firsthand. That’s how I learned the basics.

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  1. Drew 5:50 pm 5/11 of 2013

    Jquery is not a separate language, it is a library that extends Javascript, giving you a bunch of nifty features (such as images that enlarge or bounce around when you mouse over them). Javascript is actually very simple and contains all the basics of what you will need to know if you later choose to learn Jquery.

    http://tizag.com and http://w3schools.com are two great sites for learning web design and Javascript. Both offer some great, very easy to read tutorials. http://stupidgamestuff.com is my own personal site. There’s not Javascript tutorial yet, but I’ve started one and intend to add it in the semi-near future.


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