What’s the best site to find examples of Javascript or jQuery based calculators?

21st of December 2011 1

What’s the best site to find examples of Javascript or jQuery based calculators?

I’m trying to build a simple website that automatically recalculates various numbers based upon values input into a form. Something very similar to the many loan calculators, payment calculators, etc. that are already out there. Are there any sites with sample code that I can use?
My plan is to use AJAX so a page refresh is not needed, but I was wondering if there are code samples or other sites I can go to in order to make coding this site much easier.

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Answer by Dave
You should be looking at AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML. You can’t automatically update without refreshing without using AJAX. I’m assuming that you’re using PHP or you’re calling a Javascript function with the “onsubmit” parameter for your form.

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  1. Emissary 11:12 pm 21/12 of 2011

    Ajax is used to pull additional content to a page which contextually makes no sense (given your description). DHTML though has been around since the dark ages of the web and there is more than enough on the wiki page to get you started.

    While you are learning I’d avoid jQuery – while it has it’s uses in fancy sites, people are getting lazy with it and over-engineering what can be quite simple tasks.

    I’ve added the link below but may as well add a quick example of a basic “calculator” for good measure:



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