What resources will help me learn PHP and jQuery?

4th of September 2012 2

What resources will help me learn PHP and jQuery?

What good resources (books, online tutorials, etc) are out there to help me learn to use PHP and jquery, and what programs do I need to edit, write and upload what I’ve done?

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Answer by Etonix
jQuery and PHP both have extensive resources within their own home website.
If you are looking to create specifics on top of learning the libraries, I would suggest looking through user submitted scripts.

All source for jQuery and PHP alike, along with any other web development language can be edited and written in Notepad. If you want a bit of a better understanding, download the freeware application
Notepad++. It will help you learn a lot easier due to the syntax matching queries. If you make a mistake, and it finds it before you, it’ll let you know.

To upload a file you would most likely be connecting to an FTP server. (File Transfer Protocol)There are several excellent (and free!) FTP transfer applications. I use CoreFTP myself.

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  1. Arvind 6:16 am 4/09 of 2012

    i personally recommend “A beginners guide to PHP” by “Vikram Vaswami”

  2. dhaneshmane 6:20 am 4/09 of 2012

    Hey if you are beginner and willing to learn php properly and step by step then just go ahead with this tut.


    For jquery use this one. dont go for documentation section and all stuff as its mainly for those who know jquery well. But this tut will really guide you at beginner level to understand the jquery.


    Dhanesh Mane


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