What Programming Language do I need for the Web?

23rd of December 2013 6

What Programming Language do I need for the Web?

I’m looking to learn Programming, but the one that’s mostly Web based. I want to be able to make my own Websites, get into others, finding whatever exploits are there, and being able to patch them, if allowed by the Admins. What Language should I start with? HTML, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL? Which one should be learnt first? Javascript seems interesting, but then I might be known as a Script Kiddie, lol. I don’t know. I’ll be using Windows 7, by the way. Thanks.
Oh, and I have Python also. Lol, don’t know it that matters. I’ll be doing all this from home.

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If you want to code websites, learn HTML then PHP.

Learning HTML will give you the basics of PHP and then it’ll flow together.

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  1. David 6:02 am 23/12 of 2013

    Start with HTML. It is literally the most forgiving and user friendly language there is. W3schools.com is the best place to start for it. Once you learn the basics continue to javascript. Javascript should be your main language if you want to excel. Keep in mind this will take you a very long time and along the way learn some bits of php and xhtml as well as xml. But that’s if you wanna get pretty advanced.

  2. Pat 6:46 am 23/12 of 2013

    Start with HTML, javascript/jquery, and css. Once you start using database funtionality and calls you will need PHP. Later on I would recommend moving onto .net framework and C# as ASP.net/C# has more functionality and is more efficient/clean in my opinion. PHP can become messy as application size increases

  3. Grace 7:08 am 23/12 of 2013

    HTML and CSS are mainly used for webpage design. If you want to become a web developer than PHP is the best language. PHP is often used for web development, although it works well as a general-purpose language as well.

  4. Paul 7:26 am 23/12 of 2013

    In order to develop any kind of websites, you must have a knowledge of XHTML and CSS because these two are the base of a website. You’ll need to learn first these two in order to develop a simple and static websites.

    XHTML is a markup language used for structuring a web document while CSS is a style sheet language used for presentation of a structured document. After that you have to learn JavaScript, JQuery and PHP languages, these three languages are highly in demand for creating dynamic websites like online shopping sites, social media sites or any other registration websites.
    - JavaScript is a scripting languages and is mostly used for form handling purpose.,
    - JQuery is one of the library of JavaScript and use for making webpages more attractive and good-looking by introducing image slider, popup menus, stylish forms, buttons and much more.
    - PHP is a server-side scripting language which gives full control over a website. Sites like Facebook and online shopping portals are developed on this language.

    You can start with anyone depends on your requirements and website that you would like to create. Remember that you must have a good knowledge of XHTML and CSS before diving into these three languages.

    With the advancement of internet, most of the newly developed websites are using HTML5 and CSS3 so my suggestion to you that start with these two languages and they are highly in demand. It is an updated version HTML and allows to code more semantic as compare to HTML and XHTML.

    Here are some of the best website where you can start with these languages-

    - W3Schools- This website is full updated with the latest changes in web design and development languages and is a good website for learning web design and development and also a good reference resource. This website have theory with examples. Here is the link for it-

    - The New Boston. This website provides free video tutorials on computer programming languages that are very simple and easy to understand. It is a good place for the beginners who does not have any kind of programming languages. Here is the link-

  5. Ben 8:05 am 23/12 of 2013

    Script Kiddie has nothing to do with Javascript. It’s hacker slang for someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing and uses scripts someone else has written to hack with.

    Javascript is a fundamental language for web programming, and aside from its importance, it’s a very easy language to learn and is a good starting point if you’re looking to learn more languages.

    I think Paul’s answer gives the best explanation here of what you need. In addition also check out codecademy.com for some really good web programming tutorials.

  6. Tyson 8:13 am 23/12 of 2013

    I think you should learn first HTML and then PHP or any others. But HTML is not a programming language.


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