What is the best way to go about learning jQuery?

30th of July 2012 1

What is the best way to go about learning jQuery?

I don’t really know any javascript, I’m a decent programmer though (PHP, MySQL, Python, Django). Should I learn javascript before learning jquery? How do you suggest I go about it?

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Answer by tfloto
Jquery is a javascripting library, so ou should learn javascript so that you understand how to work Jquery.
Java script is pretty easy to start with so it shouldn’t be too much trouble on the leaning curve.
One of the best ways to learn javascript (I think!) is to find examples on the web check out w3 schools below for some good stuff.

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  1. two pi 3:07 pm 30/07 of 2012

    JQuery is a JavaScript library, so it makes sense to have a general sense of JavaScript without jQuery before you add it into place. With your background, you won’t have any problems with JavaScript, but spend an hour or two with it before adding jQuery to the mix.

    Make sure you understand how all the standard features work in JavaScript (variables, functions, loops – all pretty much like PHP or Python, but with a PHP-like syntax.)

    The interesting part of JavaScript is how it interacts with the Document Object model. Learn how to use document.getElementById to get a reference to a particular form element, how to extract form data, and how to modify parts of a page dynamically with the innerHtml property.

    I have examples of all those features here:

    There are more advanced JavaScript techniques, like form validation, keyboard-checking, and animation, but those can wait.

    You may want to try AJAX once on your own before you use jQuery to automate the process:

    Once you’ve got the fundamentals of JavaScript (which won’t take long for an experienced programmer) you can learn how to incorporate jQuery to speed up and enhance the process:

    Good luck to you!


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