What is the best code based web IDE & framework for ajax web applications?

21st of July 2013 2

What is the best code based web IDE & framework for ajax web applications?

I’ve been using CS4 and just seem to battling against it instead of it working for me. Is there something better? Must be code based, not WYSIWYG. Also, I’ve been using Prototype, but not enough to regret leaving if I have to. I need to learn to code scratch before I use a framework too much.

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Answer by joe b
dreamweaver is my favorite just because of the syntax highlighting and ftp functionality. as for an ajax framework/ javascript lib.. I think Jquery is the best.

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  1. dhvrm 9:09 pm 21/07 of 2013

    jQuery is pretty much the only thing you need for DOM development.

    If you want a good text editor that does syntax highlighting and code folding, use Notepad++.

    I don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to use an XHTML framework. That’s akin to having an electric fork.

  2. feynman_rocks 9:44 pm 21/07 of 2013

    If you’re looking for something that is mostly code yet provides tooltips and docs (and all that other modern IDE jazz) try out Aptana.

    It does all the nice server-side technologies like Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and PHP. Then on top of that it has a bunch of nice JavaScript toolkits like jQuery, Prototype, YUI, dojo, Ext JS, MooTools, etc.

    It looked pretty nice from the demo video I saw.


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