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What do I need to know to make a slideshow webapp?

I’d like to make a website that uses webapp which has picture and text slideshows, but also can accept submitted data and hold a database of submitted data for later on. What web programming languages or tutorials do you recommend I look out for and use?

The only programming languages I’m remotely familiar with are C and BASIC, but that’s from several years ago, and I’d like to get back into learning a few programming languages.

What are your recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by RyanRyRy


use stumble upon to find more tutorials like these,i did.
I use stumble upon for all my methods of finding tutorials i need.

jquery is my personal favorite for slideshows since i’ve found them more unique at the angles they come on.
you can use a lot of languages my second favorite would be flash script or possibly javascript for slideshows since they really have this professional look to them.

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