What all programming languages do I need to know?

22nd of November 2012 3

What all programming languages do I need to know?

What all programming languages do I need to know in order to make a website that is visually pleasing (with nice menues, animations, automatic slideshow,etc). Keep in mind I am only talking about the visual aspect. Is xhtml and css enough?

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Answer by Aman Kumar
yes u need to know javascript and then jquery if u want ur website to have cool transition effects and all just like flash .

jquery is just advanced form of javascript , u can directly start with jquery but its better to learn the basic javascript first .

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  1. bounty76bg 10:36 am 22/11 of 2012

    you may learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery for nice looking changeable vertical and horizontal menu and web buttons with them. If you have a contact form, send form use html, css and php.

    For you is needed:

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Javascript/JQuery
    4. PHP

  2. Noah 10:50 am 22/11 of 2012

    HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery,PHP, Ajax
    If you learn these you will be a Web Design Rockstar!

  3. Hem Dagar 11:02 am 22/11 of 2012

    You can make almost all type of animations and visually appealing website by just learning HTML5 and CSS3.

    But HTML5 and CSS3 is for modern and webkit browsers, older browsers specially internet explorer, like IE6, IE7 and IE8 does not fully support CSS3.

    So to make a website which is cross browser compatible you should learn all the basic languages required to make a stunning website which are:

    Jquery/Javascript (a bit knowledge is required as a starter, as jquery plugins are easily available)
    AJAX (to increase the client side interactivity and to give a better user experience, like submitting a form without a page refresh)
    PHP (keep it for later advance stages when you want to build dynamic websites)

    Right now you can start with XHTML/HTML and bit of Jquery, end result will be stunning.


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