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Web Firms Should Use Appcelerator?s Titanium Mobile

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Web Programmer To Iphone Developer

At Cloudmanic Labs we have been playing around with iPhone development since the release of the Apple SDK. We all have many years of programing experience, computer science degrees, and an overall love of programing. However, our love is in scripting languages such as php or javascript. Objective-C is just not a fun language to program. We are web dudes!!! Overall, our conclusion was we are not going to write Objective-C code that we would be proud of and at the same time continue to maintain our web programing skill sets.

Don’t Feel Like Becoming An iPhone Doob

With the boom of the iPhone we saw a lot of web development firms drop everything and start programing iPhones. While we don’t blame them, the money is good, I think many of them made the switch way to quickly. We are seeing way too many poorly written iPhone apps and you can tell they were written by someone with a web programing background not an Objective-C background. We saw this issue early on and did not want that to be us, a company that jumped on the bandwagon way to quickly. So we started to looking at subcontractors to partner with to write our iPhone applications. At this point we have worked with a few and have not been very happy. All our applications interact with our web services. We need to hire a team that understands both sides. While we are sure there are many subcontractors out there that fit the bill, of the subcontractors we have hired there was a strong understanding of one side or the other (Objective-C Vs. Web Services). Frustrated, we started looking around for a solution that would allow us to deliver a rich and powerful iPhone app that interacted with our web services, without us losing our core knowledge base of web programming. We recently found a solution that we are really excited about…….

Drum Roll Please…….Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile

A well funded start-up called Appcelerator has a product named Titanium Mobile. Titanium Mobile allows you to write mostly native iPhone applications using javascript libraries that any decent web programmer is already an expert at, such as jQuery. The good folks at Appcelerator have created a javascript API to create native iPhone UI elements like table views, buttons, switches, sliders, and more. They also provide a javascript API to interaction with the hardware such as; camera, gps, touch screen and more. With this framework you can develop rich and powerful iPhone applications that can be submitted to the Apple App Store only using javascript/css/html. We have rewritten some of our Objective-C applications using Titanium and the development process was twice as fast. It was faster for two reasons. One, we know javascript way better then Objective-C. Two, programing in Javascript is way faster then Objective-C anyway. Titanium Mobile is not for everyone. If we were writing a game or something I would not use Titanium. Titanium, in its current form, really nails down allowing a web app developer to create a mobile extension of their web application. If you are not doing anything ground breaking on the iPhone just building an application with normal native SDK controls Titanium will knock your socks off. As of this writing Titanium version 0.8 is days way from being released. The product has been in beta for about a year now and they will have a full public release when they get to version 1.0 (or so I understand). With the the release of 0.8 we believe they have plugged all the holes. In our eyes this product is ready for real production use.

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