Web Dev Tutorial: Animated SVGs with jQuery (Part 1 of 2)

30th of May 2012 3

Web Dev Tutorial: Animated SVGs with jQuery (Part 1 of 2)

We’re going to be talking about SVG graphics this time! What are they, how to use them and build a simple example using the tag, some CSS and then animate it with jQuery. Enjoy and I’m looking for your feedback! Follow me on Twitter @nikolay_dyankov For more videos go to blog.nikolaydyankov.com
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  1. chohakkai85 9:13 am 30/05 of 2012

    Cooll! Thanks ! Can’t wait for more tutorial!

  2. NikolayDyankov 9:36 am 30/05 of 2012

    I’m using Firebug – it’s an extension for Firefox.


  3. chohakkai85 9:57 am 30/05 of 2012

    hey!what’s the software you using at the duration of ’12:40min’ to see the live scripting?
    Nice Video! Helps me a lot!


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