jquery instead of javascript - Use jQuery instead of Javascript?

20th of April 2014 2

Use jQuery instead of Javascript?

I heard that jQuery is the same as javascript but easier to understand… it that true and can jQuery replace javascript for a website to create pop-up menus and stuff?

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Answer by Jeff P
You are correct–jQuery makes it easier to perform Javascript operations. However, I wouldn’t get too involved in jQuery until you have a firm grasp of Javascript.

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  1. God 12:47 am 21/04 of 2014

    You heard wrong. It does *not* replace javascript.
    jQuery is a javascript library that “enhances” the standard javascript at the expense of memory use and processor use, but makes it easier for programmers to use various functions without reinventing the wheel.

  2. Chris 1:10 am 21/04 of 2014

    jQuery is just javascript. It’s basically a javascript function you call.

    window.onload = function() {
        document.querySelector( “#popup” ).style.opacity = 1;

    $ (document).ready( function() {
        $ (“#popup”).css( “opacity”, 1);

    jQuery does make stuff easier, for instance if you want to assign an onclick function to multiple elements, you have to loop through them with JavaScript, while in jQuery, you can use .each()


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