Twitter: Show your most recent tweet on your website – Jquery

3rd of October 2012 5

Twitter: Show your most recent tweet on your website – Jquery

In this video I show you how to display your most recent tweet on your website with some help from jquery. Basically we modify a jquery plugin to give us elements that we can put wherever we want. The avatar, tweet and relative date. The modified jquery plugin is here. Include it like any other javascript file in the head tag.

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  1. optikalefxx 10:32 am 3/10 of 2012

    Send me ur code and I cN see what’s wrong

  2. robbiew73 10:45 am 3/10 of 2012

    ok – I’ve got everything in place – but i get a complete blank when running it .. i get the loading.. text message.. but then it’s just blank.. no avatar, no tweet or anything .. any ideas?

    what version of Jquery lib are you using???

  3. rholmj93 11:25 am 3/10 of 2012

    do you have 2 .js documents? – i am looking for the tweet only to be loaded in a div, but you have td’s tr’s spans and all kind of things i do not need. I relly just want the tweet, and maybe the date. but the avatar and so on i rather have that in my html/css

  4. magicfap2 12:22 pm 3/10 of 2012

    great video, thanks for the help!

  5. Timzy921 1:12 pm 3/10 of 2012



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