16th of February 2014 0

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin for Ecommerce Website?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good photo gallery/slider plugin that allowed the user to (1) View the images in either a slide show or gi..


13th of January 2014 3

How to use jQuery UI Tabs in a WordPress Child Theme

How use jQuery UI tabs in a child theme template. Supporting post link – http://davecoast.com/dc_blog/how-to-jquery-ui-tabs-in-wordpress-child-theme/..


7th of January 2014 0

jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin

Live Preview: http://www.codegrape.com/item/jquery-banner-rotator-wordpress-plugin/1695?ref=flashblue jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin featuring mult..


17th of March 2013 0

Which wordpress plugins do you use for graphics?

I have a wordpress database and I want to download some plugins for graphics in order to create graphics with movement. Which one do you suggest? Best answ..


5th of March 2013 0

Help to enqueue a js functions ( jquery) – WordPress Answers

I have this js function (the textualizer.js is external) but I can't make it works on WordPress. Any help? I already added wp_register_script( 'tex..


17th of October 2012 0

WordPress Module Question?

This is tricky to word but I will try. I want to be able to create custom post types on the left sidebar of wordpress with modules in it. For instance R..


25th of August 2012 0

How to Add an Image Slider to WordPress – Tutorial

WOWSlider: wowslider.com Explanation: wowslider.com This video is for WOWSlider v.2.4+ 1. Create a slideshow in the app and click “Publish”, se..


2nd of August 2012 0

90 of 90 – vSlider Multi Image Slider for WordPress – 90 Awesome jQuery Slider Plugins

# Playlist Videos (90 Awesome jQuery Slider Plugins) www.youtube.com # jQuery Slider Plugins : www.tripwiremagazine.com # Category : WordPress jQuery Slide..


21st of December 2011 0

WordPress: jQuery UI Progress Bar?

Hi! I’m currently running a wordpress.org site and I want to get a jQuery UI Progress bar running here (http://jqueryui.com/demos/progressbar/#animat..


16th of January 2011 0

Philadelphia Website Design Using WordPress Software

WordPress comes two ways; free on WordPress.com where anyone can have a blog and begin publishing right away, and also by downloading the software onto you..


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