18th of August 2013 2

How to make a slideshow for a website? how can I make something like this? Is it a video or made in flash or what? Best answer: Answer by AngelIslanderYup. Flash. I re..


10th of August 2013 2

How do I create a website that has links you can click on?

How do I create my own website then have links so other people can click on. Also do you know any good free websites? Best answer: Answer by Goku – T..


21st of July 2013 0

What is a website with a left hand menu bar with flyouts?

Hi there, I’m searching for an example of a website with a left hand menu bar. When the cursor is placed over one of the menu bars, a secondary menu ..


2nd of July 2013 2

what is a good website to make a slideshow thingy?

I see a lot of people on like myYearbook (and on Myspace back when I used it) who have their pictures in a little bitty slideshow thingy as their default. ..


31st of May 2013 0

Do these scripts sound good for a complex website ?

xHTML (and HTML 5) , CSS , Javascript , php, my sql , ajax , jquery …… sound like a good set up to learn ? and where is best learn all of them ..


15th of May 2013 0

How to add a photoslide show in a website?

Dear friends, I just want to add a photo slide show in my website. My website is for photography. Im an amateur photographer. if there is some program (HTM..


11th of May 2013 2

How do you make an image fit to the background of your website?

When I do it it is either too big or repeats the image. I want it to fit perfectly but I don’t know how to resize it so it fits. Is there a particula..


17th of April 2013 3

Where can i get a slider or a rotator for website ?

I just need a slideshow that’s free to put 8 pics for my website please tell me Best answer: Answer by FireThestralYou could program one in PHP. http..


25th of March 2013 0

How do I create a auto updating calendar for a website?

I have an event portion of my website with dates and events. I want to create it so it automatically updates itself by removing dates that have gone by. I ..


17th of March 2013 0

How to make photos on website blend from one to the next after each other?

Is there a simple way for photos on my website to blend one into the next into the next, or must I learn flash? Best answer: Answer by MikeLThere a ton of ..


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