4th of March 2014 0

Help with SCROLLING ANIMATION on my WEBSITE? *will choose best*?

i want to make an object swing depending on how fast you scroll back and fourth on the page. What kind of software will i need, and how do i incorporate th..


16th of February 2014 0

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin for Ecommerce Website?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good photo gallery/slider plugin that allowed the user to (1) View the images in either a slide show or gi..


15th of January 2014 1

I want to add a slideshow library to my website?

I want to add a slideshow library to my website so I can add more than one slideshow viewer is able to simply click on slideshow they want to watch. Please..


31st of December 2013 1

What slideshow are they using on this website? What’s this type of slideshow called? Where..


27th of December 2013 1

Is there a website I can make a customized calender on?

I want to make a calender for this year, but I don’t like ones sold in stores that much. Is there any website I can make one on for free where I can ..


9th of November 2013 0

How do your make an interactive fiction website and or app?

I know these are two different things that work on many different levels, but I’ve just always wondered how people (like the companies) make them, li..


28th of October 2013 0

How can i make the images on my website so that you cannot click them or drag them?

Is there a way to make it so images on my site cannot be clicked and draged or saved? In orther words so you cannot take them? If so can you give me an exa..


9th of October 2013 3

Embed slideshow of images to website, automatic play?

I would like to embed a slideshow of images into my website, but I would like it to play automatically and not offer the arrows to scroll. Any suggestions?..


27th of September 2013 1

How does Paul Van Dyk’s website do this? If you click on the navigation buttons on top, the new page loads but the page doesn’t refresh. I know it has something to..


15th of September 2013 1

How do you make a website move around the screen?

First things first. Soy idioto. I’m dumb when it comes to computers otherthan some simple photoshop, word, and so on. I saw a video moving around the..


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