13th of April 2014 1

jQuery – Appear for set time.?

Hello. For a web application I creating, when an operation is successful a fade in message will apear using a .p class called “done” in my cust..


19th of January 2014 0

How do I set JavaScript variable as function and object same time?

For example, jQuery use’s the “$ ” variable also as function and also as object. $ (‘#id’) – selector function variable..


30th of November 2012 1

Jquery slideDown and fadeIn at the same time?

Can I have a div slideDown and fadeIn at the same time? If so, what does that code look like? I’m using jquery fyi Best answer: Answer by dhvrmSure. ..


6th of March 2012 1

How can I use the JavaScript Prototype framework along with the jQuery framework at the same time?

After adding a reference to the jQuery framework in my code, the Prototype-dependent parts of my code failed to run properly. How can I use both together? ..


22nd of January 2012 0

jQuery…I have 2 jquery scripts, only one at a time works =( ?

here is the one……… $ (function(){$ (‘#container’).beforeAfter({animateIntro:true,imagePath:”});}); and under that…..


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