13th of March 2013 1

I’m thinking of buying a JS animated html template. Is this a good choice for a site?

Best answer: Answer by sveyNo. Javascript or Ajax is not the No1 best idea for a site. Js (and/or Ajax) is good only to help the html and the rest of the l..


5th of March 2013 2

What is this HTML effect called?

What is the effect used in this website called? I want to know about the animated anchors, when you click on a link it scroll..


2nd of November 2012 0

Need help with this jquery button code…?

I’m trying to switch this script from being a slider with a range of values, to a button that outputs the value “10″. I’ve never us..


16th of September 2012 0

Can someone PLEASE help me with this jQuery script?

Here’s the page: Now the problem is jQuery doesn’t want to work, well sort of :S It validates &#..


12th of May 2012 0

JQuery Navigation Idea, what would be the best way to do this.?

I’m created a website and I would like to implement a navigation with Jquery instead of Flash. The effect I’m going for is a blue text image sl..


26th of January 2012 1

jQuery Slider not working in Internet Explorer. How do you fix this problem in I.E.?

This is my current Java code, does anyone know how to make this banner work in IE? Thank you in advance. $ (window).load(function() { $ ('#slider').nivoSli..


25th of December 2011 0

Do you know this jquery plugin?

I saw somewhere on Themeforest a kind of jquery slider which featured both images and captions, but I don’ t remember it. The container of the slider..


6th of June 2011 0

JQuery, this function?

Hello, on JQuery I am making a game. In the game when you drag something, something happen’s to the specific block you drag. So here is my code: $ (&..


22nd of January 2011 0

Jquery IE Problem – Repair this Problem Here !

Having a jquery IE problem is always a bit of a shock, and if like most people you have no idea where and how to fix it, don’t worry – we’..


14th of January 2011 0

Where can I get this slider?

I love the slider used in this WordPress theme: I tried looking at the code to see if they downloaded it somewh..


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