9th of April 2014 0

How can I fix this form’s code?

I need to make sure that the validation works for the drop down, as well as the email field, and after it’s been validated, i need the script to send..


8th of January 2014 0

Where can I create this kind of slideshow online for free?

Can someone please tell me of a good and free online slideshow maker where I can produce this kind of slideshow: and this one:


31st of December 2013 1

What slideshow are they using on this website? What’s this type of slideshow called? Where..


3rd of December 2013 1

What kind of image slider is this? Where can I find it?

I need a thumbnail image slider like the one on or (horizontal one on top). Where can I find this one..


16th of October 2013 0

where can i find a tutorial to build a scrolling gallery like this one? the automatic scrolling images i cant find anything that shows how to make one please help! i need to put one on my home..


27th of September 2013 1

How does Paul Van Dyk’s website do this? If you click on the navigation buttons on top, the new page loads but the page doesn’t refresh. I know it has something to..


4th of July 2013 0

GARY: Why this function is causing no error?

javascript – Why is my jQuery function causing a 'Stack …​why-is-my-jquery… Cached. Why is my..


8th of June 2013 0

Where can I find this Content Slider Plugin?

Im looking for a content slider plugin (I think that’s what they’re called) similar to those used whenever has a “top ten lis..


4th of June 2013 0

Can you replace this massive slide with a smaller jquery one?

I have a fitness WordPress theme here and it has this massive slider that covers the whole top like a huge theater look and on the bottom there are little ..


23rd of May 2013 0

web page technology quesiton: how does this slider work?

in the middle of this page there’s a slider that says “price range”, if you select it, the list of products will be updated in real time ..


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