27th of December 2013 1

Is there a website I can make a customized calender on?

I want to make a calender for this year, but I don’t like ones sold in stores that much. Is there any website I can make one on for free where I can ..


29th of November 2013 0

Is there a way to insert an Image in a Javascript alert popup?

I know you can make a javascript popup of an image in a new window. But is there a way to get one in an Alert popup? like alert(‘[insert image here]&..


23rd of September 2013 0

Is there a way to use JavaScript or jQuery to include a header and footer like php?

I know how to do this with php, but I want to be able to view my site locally without having a server like XAMPP setup. This way, I can give my site to any..


7th of September 2013 0

Is there a way via html programming to stop browsers suggestion dropdown list for forms.?

I would like to add my own dropdown list of suggestions. Currently with autocomplete active on forms it covers up my drop down list. Best answer: Answer by..


17th of July 2013 1

Is there any way to submit a form using php silently?

Ok so what i am saying is that when someone does something on my website, i want it to be submited to an other website but silently and didnt output anythi..


20th of June 2013 0

is there a jquery plugin or cms or anytype of suggestion for a paypal paid registration form?

WHat I’d like to do is have people register for an event on my site via a form, allow them to pay with paypal to complete the registration and when c..


19th of May 2013 1

Is there a way to have a slideshow of pictures that is continuously playing using javascript?

To be specific using get element by ID or simple loops and stuff? Best answer: Answer by Mr. CavemanJQuery Slideshows: http..


6th of November 2012 1

Is there an event handler for selecting a particular option in a select element? (jQuery)?

I need a jQuery method to act as an event handler that is triggered when someone selects an option from an HTML select element. It is NOT in a form, and I ..


1st of October 2012 2

Is there away to submit an entire form through Ajax?

For example, if you make a regular form and submit it, it will automatically send all the information in that form to the specified action place. Well is t..


27th of August 2012 0

Submitting file input using jQuery works in all except Internet Explorer, is there a workaround?

Hi all, I am using jQuery to submit a form containing only 1 file input and a submit button to an iFrame. My setup: I have a custom button that launches th..


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