17th of April 2014 0

Jquery Diasshow Problem?

So I’m a jquery newbie, and I only recently learned a little bit about the language, and I got the idea to create a diasshow. Problem is, all the pic..


19th of December 2013 0

Nivo Jquery Slider – caption problem?

Hi, I’m implementing the Nivo jquery slider into my website but for some reason the see-through black box that the captions are in is below my slider..


5th of October 2012 0

jQuery Ajax problem.?

I’m having a problem with ajax. This is my script var comment = $ (‘#commenttext’).val(); var name = $ (‘#name’).val(); var i..


2nd of July 2012 1

jQuery/PHP/AJAX Problem?

Heres my index.php code: $ (function() { $ (“.commentSidebar”).click(function() { var id = $ (this).attr(“id”); var dataString = &#..


26th of January 2012 1

jQuery Slider not working in Internet Explorer. How do you fix this problem in I.E.?

This is my current Java code, does anyone know how to make this banner work in IE? Thank you in advance. $ (window).load(function() { $ ('#slider').nivoSli..


21st of December 2011 0

Problem with

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