23rd of December 2013 6

What Programming Language do I need for the Web?

I’m looking to learn Programming, but the one that’s mostly Web based. I want to be able to make my own Websites, get into others, finding what..


24th of October 2013 0

jQuery Slider – Need some help?

Hi, I’d prefer to use my own jquery slider on my website however I cannot figure out how add the navigation, prev and next, buttons. This is my code ..


19th of September 2013 2

What all do you need to learn in order to develop web sites the right way?

I’m assuming HTML, Java (or similar), PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS. Is there any others to add to it? Best answer: Answer by auddrey_nwwhy left photos..


16th of June 2013 0

What do I need to know to make a slideshow webapp?

I’d like to make a website that uses webapp which has picture and text slideshows, but also can accept submitted data and hold a database of submitte..


25th of February 2013 1

What is the best IDE and what else do I need to create a website that uses the following things?

1)Ruby On Rails and/or PHP (Preferably RoR) 2)Sql, 3)JavaScript (with Ajax and JQuery) 4)HTML5 5)CSS3 Best answer: Answer by JennaYou can use Dreamweaver w..


22nd of November 2012 3

What all programming languages do I need to know?

What all programming languages do I need to know in order to make a website that is visually pleasing (with nice menues, animations, automatic slideshow,et..


2nd of November 2012 0

Need help with this jquery button code…?

I’m trying to switch this script from being a slider with a range of values, to a button that outputs the value “10″. I’ve never us..


20th of September 2012 0

i need a programmer that knows PHP, CSS and jQuery to customize a contact form?

hi i need a programmer that can customize me a free contact form,i cant do this myself because i don’t have that much knowledge with php scripts . or..


24th of May 2012 0

Need help with my javascript code?

I’m trying to put a slideshow in my site for a school project. The buttons and the first picture shows up but the slides don’t move when I clic..


18th of April 2012 0

I need help with a full page slider with jQuery!!?

Hi, I need a little help with a jQuery. Please take a look at the full page sliding effect in the link below. When someone clicks on a link, the whole page..


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