10th of September 2012 4

Creating Mobile Web Applications Using Jquery Mobile :- Part 5

So far we have been developing on desktop, this time we will download android emulator to make sure that our application behaves the right way on a mobile ..


1st of September 2012 0

Mobile-friendly forms in jQuery Mobile

Intro to creating mobile-friendly forms in jQuery Mobile. From “jQuery Mobile sites in a week.” Full course: via @udemy. First 20 people..


23rd of August 2012 19

PhoneGap API Demo with jQuery Mobile

The New PhoneGap API Demo from Mobile Developer Solutions showcases the PhoneGap APIs. All 13 APIs are implemented – get the source or app today and ..


2nd of May 2012 2

JQuery Mobile, Backbone, and ASP.NET MVC – A Framework for Making Mobile Web Applications

For code sample and slides, go to Websites designed for smart phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. JQ..


12th of April 2012 24

Introduction to jQuery Mobile

Learn how to use the jQuery Mobile framework. This is a basic introduction on how to setup pages, links, navigation and buttons.


19th of February 2012 5

jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller Preview

This screencast is a preview of the new jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller tool, shown during Todd Parker and Scott Jehl’s (of keynote sess..


21st of December 2011 8

jQuery Mobile Forms Part 1 The Basics

In this screencast you will learn how to use jQuery Mobile forms, and how it interacts with ajax in the jQuery Mobile framework. This screencast is an intr..


8th of December 2010 0

Web Firms Should Use Appcelerator?s Titanium Mobile

Web Programmer To Iphone Developer At Cloudmanic Labs we have been playing around with iPhone development since the release of the Apple SDK. We all have m..


6th of December 2010 2

Mobile Web Design: A platform by platform

mobile, is complex and sometimes confusing place. Here we look at the most popular platforms, operating systems and applications and shops offer a quick an..


28th of November 2010 0

JQuery set to tackle mobile Web development

Countless developers use jQuery software tools today to build advanced Web sites and to ease the difficulties of spanning multiple browsers. Starting in ab..


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