11th of December 2013 1

Does HTML5 work better for mobile phones than JQuery?

I am curious Does HTML5 work better for mobile phones than JQuery? Thank You for your Time & God Bless? Best answer: Answer by Matt Anonymouswhy limit..


15th of November 2013 20

jQuery Mobile – Parte 4 – Instalando y probando ripple

Clic aquí para todos nuestros cursos y tutoriales: ▻ Síguenos en Twitter: ▻ “Like..


11th of October 2013 0

介紹 jQuery mobile 的基本技術原理與應用

我是TonyQ ,算是長期以來參與台灣網路JS 討論的技術人, 因為JS 其實一直以來都是披著一層面紗的語言,很多人可能..


2nd of September 2013 0

O’Reilly Webcast: Designing for jQuery Mobile

NOTE: Recorded from a live event- In this interactive event, Jon Reid, the author of jQuery Mobile, will cover the following: review the UI elements that j..


18th of May 2013 25

JQuery Mobile + Dreamweaver full mobile site tutorial

Hi, this is a tutorial for creating a simple but pretty looking mobile site. I will be building upon this by creating a tutorial on how to include native f..


15th of February 2013 6

jQuery Mobile tutorial – 1- Hello World app !

Writing hello world app using jQuery mobile framework.


29th of December 2012 1

Form Controls in jQuery Mobile

This is a short video clip that shows the available controls when using the jQuery Mobile library. Video Rating: 3 / 5


30th of October 2012 0

Exploring the jQuery Mobile features | overview

This overview examines the jQuery Mobile features including platform support, page transitions, form elements, and more. Watch more at This s..


12th of October 2012 0

Creating a Dynamic Mobile Application using jQuery Mobile by Pat McLoughlin

An overview of how to build a dynamic mobile application using the rendering features of jQuery Mobile. An end to end analysis of how to receive form meta ..


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