23rd of March 2014 3

Tutorial – Enviar formulario con Ajax jquery y PHP

En este ejemplo se muestra como realizar una petición Ajax mediante Jquery a un script PHP.


21st of March 2014 3

how to use jquery modal


20th of March 2014 0

Jquery that checks characters beings typed in textbox exists in mysql database?

any links you know or samples codes you have? thanks Best answer: Answer by RatchetrYou will need to use Ajax for that. JQuery has good ajax support. See l..


19th of March 2014 4

Building a custom UI Audio Slider with JavaScript and jQuery UI…the video tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how a slider that controls the volume of a song can easily be added with JavaScript and jQuery UI.


16th of March 2014 0

Can someone give me a little guidance with web desing?

Hello all: This one is a little long, so please bear with me. I figure the more you know about myself in situ, the better answer you’ll be able to gi..


14th of March 2014 1

APPRENDRE JQUERY PAR LA PRATIQUE – 10 – La méthode animate()

Un tout petit peu d’animation, ça vous dit ?


12th of March 2014 1

How can I post one form to two sources?

I have a contact form setup and when a user hit’s submit, I need to send (via POST) to and the data needs to also send to my thank you..


9th of March 2014 0

jQuery and AJAX Tutorials 37 | Introducing jQuery UI

In this jQuery tutorial we won’t write much code, it’s time to learn about something interesting


8th of March 2014 1

Web Page Sliding/Scrolling Menus?

Hi Fellows, I am working on a website project. I need to create a scrolling upside navigation buttons. Please visit This website..


5th of March 2014 1

10 The Datepicker Widget ( jQuery UI 101 – The Essentials)

10 The Datepicker Widget ( jQuery UI 101 – The Essentials) Video Rating: 5 / 5


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