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26th of November 2010 0

JQuery – An Advanced and Capable Internet Improvement Application

jQuery is an successful framework that squeezes traces of chaotic JavaScript into nicely-developed, concise code and entirely transforms the way animations..


23rd of November 2010 0

Vs 2010, Silverlight, Wp 7, Azure, F#, Jquery & More Take Center Stage At India’s Definitive Microsoft Technology Conference

Bangalore, April 5, 2010: Microsoft has announced a slew of new and exciting releases that will help you take your code to the next level in 2010. As one o..


16th of November 2010 0

Tympanus Billboard « Jquery Labs

Creating a Rotating Billboard System with jQuery and CSS Currently we are in the “hey, let’s do that flash thing in jQuery”-mood and so we came u..


12th of November 2010 0

ファイルダウンロードをアシストするjQueryプラグイン「JDownload …

jDownloadはjQuery UIで築き上げられて、ダウンロードを確認するか、または中止するようにユーザに頼む前に、ファイ..


7th of November 2010 0

Best practices for populating a list with Ajax – Jquery Home

$ (‘#page_id’).live(‘pageshow’,function(event, ui){ populateList(articles_kml_url, ‘#wikipedia’); }). The problem is th..


7th of November 2010 0

New WordPress Creative Portofolio and Template for this Month …

Social Bookmarking Icon by Komodomedia; jQuery; jQuery UI Tabs; jQuery Lightbox Plugin, leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/; jCarouselLite; Working..


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