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6th of June 2012 0

Plone + jquery.ui + themeroller (Preview 2)

Another small preview of a prototype showing jquery.ui + themeroller integration in Plone 4. Extension should be feature-complete now for a first release. ..


23rd of April 2011 0

jQuery Frontier Calendar | The Ultimate jQuery List

jQuery Ajax tutorials to jQuery UI examples, you’ve found the ultimate list of tutorials and plugins for jQuery! Everything from Ajax file uploaders ..


2nd of January 2011 0

JQuery UI’s datepicker and HTML Arrays?

I have PHP creating a dynamic list of fields, which I would like to use JQuery UI’s datepicker on. All of the fields are in an array so I can manage ..


30th of December 2010 0

Most Popular Posts for Developers in 2010 – DevCurry.com | MT-Soft

Test your jQuery code Online using jsFiddle · Learn JavaScript, straight from the Gurus – Free JavaScript Video Lectures · Style an HTML Table using jQ..


25th of December 2010 0

What is ?Web 2.0?:

The term “Web 2.0” can be reffered to the extention and ubgradation of “Web 1.0.” It was first coined by Darcy DiNucci in the year 1999. In her art..


13th of December 2010 0

What is the difference between regular Jquery, Jquery UI, and Jquery Tools?

Hi, I am learning Jquery right now and I was wondering what is the different between regular 1.4 jquery and these other libraries?? Thanks Best answer: Ans..


12th of December 2010 0

ASP.NET MVC Hosting :: MVC Framework and Application Structure

In an ASP.NET Web site, URLs typically map to files that are stored on disk (usually .aspx files). These .aspx files include markup and code that is proces..


8th of December 2010 0

Web Firms Should Use Appcelerator?s Titanium Mobile

Web Programmer To Iphone Developer At Cloudmanic Labs we have been playing around with iPhone development since the release of the Apple SDK. We all have m..


6th of December 2010 2

Mobile Web Design: A platform by platform

mobile, is complex and sometimes confusing place. Here we look at the most popular platforms, operating systems and applications and shops offer a quick an..


1st of December 2010 2

jQuery: An advanced and competent Web Development Application

jQuery is an efficient framework that squeezes lines of chaotic JavaScript into well-designed, concise code and completely transforms the way animations ar..


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