5th of October 2013 3

How do you make a web page fade in with Javascript?

I am using AJAX to load in pages into a div tag on my page. When the pages load in I want them to fade in. I’ve seen the technique before but I just ..


23rd of September 2013 0

Is there a way to use JavaScript or jQuery to include a header and footer like php?

I know how to do this with php, but I want to be able to view my site locally without having a server like XAMPP setup. This way, I can give my site to any..


24th of August 2013 0

Sending a value from an HTML select to PHP with JavaScript – Ajax …

NET + jQuery UI Modal: load aspx page into modal dialog976 views javascript – Connecting to a MySQL database using PhoneGap …732 views Facebook..


14th of August 2013 0

How do I perform JavaScript functions within a AJAX div?

This seems like it should be simple but I must be missing something. I’m using a UNIX platform server. I googled some possibilities and found that so..


6th of August 2013 1

How do you make a real working ‘copy’ button with JavaScript?

I want to know a way how you can click a button and have some text automatically copied. How do you do that?? Best answer: Answer by maragnusThat is a some..


19th of July 2013 0

Author a good jQuery plugin, JavaScript for Non-Web Apps with Trevor Davis of Viget

What does it take to author a good jQuery plugin? Trevor Davis, Senior Front-End Developer at Viget will take a look at building jQuery plugins and differe..


14th of July 2013 7

AJAX – Comment Box with [ Javascript jQuery JSON PHP MySQL ] – Step by Step How to Guide – Part 1

In this 18 part series of videos, I show you in full how to build, style and program an Ajax Comment Box. Potentially you will need a little background kno..


19th of May 2013 1

Is there a way to have a slideshow of pictures that is continuously playing using javascript?

To be specific using get element by ID or simple loops and stuff? Best answer: Answer by Mr. CavemanJQuery Slideshows: http..


21st of April 2013 1

How do I save form information in javascript?

I want a user to input data into text boxes and have it displayed permanently to all users unless deleted. Example: Textbox says “Randy” User p..


13th of April 2013 2

19/21 Javascript Fundamentals – Using jQuery to Retrieve JSON via AJAX

http://www.LearnVisualStudio.NET/281.html AJAX allows web pages and web servers to communicate without requiring a full page refresh. JSON is a data format..


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