24th of April 2014 0

Preview jQuery Animate Slider Plugin JavaScript

Live Demo: Please try to remove the preview iframe on the top to get a better demo. Featur..


20th of April 2014 2

Use jQuery instead of Javascript?

I heard that jQuery is the same as javascript but easier to understand… it that true and can jQuery replace javascript for a website to create pop-up..


19th of March 2014 4

Building a custom UI Audio Slider with JavaScript and jQuery UI…the video tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how a slider that controls the volume of a song can easily be added with JavaScript and jQuery UI.


8th of February 2014 3

Javascript or jQuery?

I know jQuery is part of Javascript but which should I learn? First? I want to really just develop and sell webpages to people like on ThemeForest, I’..


23rd of January 2014 0

Move a DIV using JavaScript on scrolling?

I want to transfer the value of .scrolltop to the left attribute on a div, so when I scroll the window, the div would move left or right depending on the c..


19th of January 2014 0

How do I set JavaScript variable as function and object same time?

For example, jQuery use’s the “$ ” variable also as function and also as object. $ (‘#id’) – selector function variable..


4th of January 2014 0

Is JQuery much slower than pure JavaScript?

I wrote something with pure JavaScript at first and it worked fine, but the code is more complicated and difficult to maintain. So I have tried the JQuery ..


17th of December 2013 0

Tutoriel jQuery : Slider Javascript avec jQuery

Abonnez-vous à Grafikart : Plus d’infos sur ce tutoriel :


29th of November 2013 0

Is there a way to insert an Image in a Javascript alert popup?

I know you can make a javascript popup of an image in a new window. But is there a way to get one in an Alert popup? like alert(‘[insert image here]&..


5th of November 2013 1

Which is easier to learn: jquery or javascript ?

I’ve tried learning javascript from a book but it makes my eyes glaze over (like reading an encyclopedia) is jquery an easier alternative? Best answe..


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