1st of April 2014 2

HTML form data to email?

I’m having trouble getting my form to send to my email. For some reason no matter what browser I use, when I click the submit form it asks me to down..


27th of January 2014 1

How to automatically adjust the width of the background in HTML ?

I’m working on html an i want to put image as a background so how to make it automatically adjust the width of the screen and make it repeat vertical..


12th of January 2014 1

what is HTML 5 canvas and how is it utilized?

Best answer: Answer by laxmanHTML 5 canvas is a way to programmatically draw using JavaScript.Canvas can be used to represent something visually in your br..


15th of December 2013 0

How can I set auto resize when zooming the contents of my HTML?

I tried to test my html with image designs and I tested to zoom it but it went off or it dislocated my texts. Please help! Best answer: Answer by ScottFor ..


25th of November 2013 0

How to create html email, with graphics and hyperlinks?

I need to create an html email which contains graphics, text content and hyperlinks, can someone give me some ideals? Currently I have my domain hosted by ..


13th of November 2013 1

HTML code to make a automatic appearance of subscription form?

Hi, I was managing a wordpress website. I have made a RSS feed subscription with google’s feedburner. I like to appear that subscription form once th..


20th of October 2013 1

How Can I Have The Send Button On An HTML Form Send Info Directly To My Email?

Also when someone hits send how do I drect them to wnother HTML page? Best answer: Answer by JBereTo direct them to another page, just include the hyperlin..


7th of September 2013 0

Is there a way via html programming to stop browsers suggestion dropdown list for forms.?

I would like to add my own dropdown list of suggestions. Currently with autocomplete active on forms it covers up my drop down list. Best answer: Answer by..


24th of August 2013 0

Sending a value from an HTML select to PHP with JavaScript – Ajax …

NET + jQuery UI Modal: load aspx page into modal dialog976 views javascript – Connecting to a MySQL database using PhoneGap …732 views Facebook..


2nd of August 2013 3

What is the best book to use for web design and learning HTML, CSS, and PHP???

Best answer: Answer by Andrew is a good website. I don’t know anything about books though. Know better? Leave your own answer in the c..


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