24th of May 2012 0

Need help with my javascript code?

I’m trying to put a slideshow in my site for a school project. The buttons and the first picture shows up but the slides don’t move when I clic..


20th of May 2012 0

Help with a PHP or JQuery form!?

I am currently learning PHP with a book from the Head First series which I love. But I currently have a great website idea but for it to work I need to hav..


8th of May 2012 1

Ajax is not working. Please help.?

Ok I have the below html page…. var USER_DATA_URL = “search_xml.asp”; function submitForm() { $ .ajax( { type:’GET’, url: USE..


18th of April 2012 0

I need help with a full page slider with jQuery!!?

Hi, I need a little help with a jQuery. Please take a look at the full page sliding effect in the link below. When someone clicks on a link, the whole page..


21st of March 2012 0

JQuery slideshow help?

I’m creating my own slideshow because all of the prebuilt ones don’t give me the effect I want. At least I haven’t found one yet anyway. ..


21st of December 2011 0

JQuery ajax help please.?

Hi, I have an asp page which is called with ajax. It correctly replies with an xml tree. THis tree has: 1 Tony1 2 Tony2 3 Tony3 4 Tony4 The question is how..


21st of December 2011 1

jquery and ajax help?

what is jquery and ajax?, and what are they used for? ,and is there a difference?. thanks Best answer: Answer by Rami


29th of May 2011 0

Javascript question..please help?

ok, so i wanna learn javascript, but im totally lost, i started learning javascript, and then i saw jquery, and then i knew about libraries, frameworks, pl..


21st of May 2011 0

Help with jQuery/Ajax form validation?

I have a code that submits my form via AJax without having to refresh the page. The problem is that I need to validate the fields first before submitting t..


27th of April 2011 0

jQuery Multiple IDs help?

I have a project Im working on that requires an image hover for multiple pictures. I got the code to work but I do not want to make it for every image inst..


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