24th of April 2014 0

Help with using JQuery and Lightbox2?

I am using scrollTo and localscroll along with Lightbox 2.0 and they are not working together…its either one or the other depending on the order i pu..


4th of March 2014 0

Help with SCROLLING ANIMATION on my WEBSITE? *will choose best*?

i want to make an object swing depending on how fast you scroll back and fourth on the page. What kind of software will i need, and how do i incorporate th..


4th of February 2014 0

JQuery or Ajax Script Help?

I want something that when you click a link it changes the database fetch method from: mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY post_id DESC ;”..


24th of October 2013 0

jQuery Slider – Need some help?

Hi, I’d prefer to use my own jquery slider on my website however I cannot figure out how add the navigation, prev and next, buttons. This is my code ..


9th of July 2013 3

Could anyone help with making a slide show?

I’m trying to make a slide show and was gonna see if i could get some help.Could anyone reccomend a program to use? it will be several hundred pictur..


5th of March 2013 0

Help to enqueue a js functions ( jquery) – WordPress Answers

I have this js function (the textualizer.js is external) but I can't make it works on WordPress. Any help? I already added wp_register_script( 'tex..


2nd of November 2012 0

Need help with this jquery button code…?

I’m trying to switch this script from being a slider with a range of values, to a button that outputs the value “10″. I’ve never us..


16th of September 2012 0

Can someone PLEASE help me with this jQuery script?

Here’s the page: Now the problem is jQuery doesn’t want to work, well sort of :S It validates &#..


4th of September 2012 2

What resources will help me learn PHP and jQuery?

What good resources (books, online tutorials, etc) are out there to help me learn to use PHP and jquery, and what programs do I need to edit, write and upl..


28th of June 2012 0

Javascript JQuery help ?

I’m following a tutorial for twitter like application. In the tutorial no database is used but i want to use the database. I fetched the titles from ..


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