21st of December 2011 8

jQuery Mobile Forms Part 1 The Basics

In this screencast you will learn how to use jQuery Mobile forms, and how it interacts with ajax in the jQuery Mobile framework. This screencast is an intr..


21st of December 2011 0

jQuery + .submit() + Forms

You can use jQuery to create form handlers that will capture submit events and process the data instead of the default submit action. This allows you to va..


21st of December 2011 2

How to create forms themed with jQuery UI’s Themeroller in minutes!

Get it here: reformed is an HTML5 app that lets you create and style web forms in just minutes, using jQuery UI’s Themeroller tool! Video Rati..


21st of December 2011 0

jQuery AJAX forms

A screencast to show how easy it is to add AJAX to a form using jQuery in very little time. I’ve commented along the way so you can understand what I..


3rd of January 2011 0

Virtosoftware Announces Virto List Form Extender ? a New Web Part for Customizing SharePoint List Forms

Virtosoftware presents the beta version of a new Ajax and JavaScript based web part for Microsoft SharePoint. The web part allows for quick and simple cust..


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