17th of April 2014 2

CSS, JQuery – Cool Register Form Animation – Basic Designing [Part - 3/4]

Hey Guys, In this tutorial, I’ll show you guys how to create this awesome Animation using CSS and a little bit of JQuery Hope you guys will like this..


1st of April 2014 2

HTML form data to email?

I’m having trouble getting my form to send to my email. For some reason no matter what browser I use, when I click the submit form it asks me to down..


12th of March 2014 1

How can I post one form to two sources?

I have a contact form setup and when a user hit’s submit, I need to send (via POST) to and the data needs to also send to my thank you..


21st of February 2014 0

Modal Form com jqueryUI

Site: Autor: Alexandre Cardoso E-mail: Twitter: @asolucoesweb Dúvidas:


1st of February 2014 22

Tutorial PHP + jQuery – Submit Form con AJAX

En este tutorial vamos a aprender a enviar un formulario con AJAX utilizando PHP y jQuery, ademas vamos a hacer que funcione igualmente si el usuario tiene..


13th of November 2013 1

HTML code to make a automatic appearance of subscription form?

Hi, I was managing a wordpress website. I have made a RSS feed subscription with google’s feedburner. I like to appear that subscription form once th..


23rd of October 2013 0

Submitting JSP form data to servlet with Jquery Ajax

Code Example :


21st of October 2013 1

jQuery Final Project Registration Form with PHP, MySQL Part 9

Udemy – Become A Web Developer From Scratch. Video Rating: 5 / 5


20th of October 2013 1

How Can I Have The Send Button On An HTML Form Send Info Directly To My Email?

Also when someone hits send how do I drect them to wnother HTML page? Best answer: Answer by JBereTo direct them to another page, just include the hyperlin..


14th of October 2013 1

Ajax Form with jQuery and PHP – Part 3

Four part video which explains how to do ajax + PHP validation on the web form. You can watch the whole series at :


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