1st of April 2014 1

jQuery Plugin Development – Modal Dialog – Part 1

This video is the First part of the series where Modal Dialogue jQuery Plugin Development is covered. Please see the others here : Part 2:


5th of February 2014 0

Frontend Web Development: More useful jQuery plugins

Frontend Web Development: More useful jQuery plugins. Video Rating: 0 / 5


3rd of June 2013 0

Frontend Web Development: More useful jQuery plugins

Start of new material: 29:52 Our final jQuery-focused class will touch on a number of other common plugins that are found in the wild. We’ll take a c..


16th of May 2012 14

Fundamentals for Great jQuery Development

Interested in diving into jQuery development, but not exactly sure where to start? Check out this video from Microsoft program manager, Damian Edwards. In ..


14th of January 2011 0

PHP/MySQL Development

Maintaining a content motivated website can be very time consuming and very detailed to present the good impression of your web existence products and serv..


9th of January 2011 0

Custom Drupal Module Development Simplified

Drupal module development is an essential and effective functionality of Drupal open source CMS that plays a vital role in meeting your business needs and ..


30th of December 2010 3

Innovative Web Design and Development: A Modern Twist to an Old Recipe

Here are a few pointers towards achieving innovation and perfection in the art of Website design and Development 1. The Major Ingredients for Innovations i..


28th of December 2010 1

Flash Versus jQuery in Website Development

Computer languages are just as essential in today’s world as spoken languages. From the time of inception it has progressed to what it is today, few ..


2nd of December 2010 0

WordPress Plugin Development ? Beginner’s Guide

WordPress has come a long way in the past couple of years. The amount of usage has increased considerably and it is now the blogging platform of choice for..


1st of December 2010 2

jQuery: An advanced and competent Web Development Application

jQuery is an efficient framework that squeezes lines of chaotic JavaScript into well-designed, concise code and completely transforms the way animations ar..


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