16th of December 2012 0

How would I create web code to have an input field, then a button to add another input field…?

I am looking to create a web form so there is 1 input field with the value of 1, then a button to add another, if pressed another input field appears with ..


26th of November 2012 3

What is the HTML code to redirect someone base on what they submit in a form?

So for instance if someone entered a username or something it would take them to their personal page or alternately how do you HTML code for a password so ..


2nd of November 2012 0

Need help with this jquery button code…?

I’m trying to switch this script from being a slider with a range of values, to a button that outputs the value “10″. I’ve never us..


29th of October 2012 0

How to write code for autosuggest or auto complete in JavaScript, Jquery or PHP?

I have one website that is about song lyric. I want to make visitors easy to see the song titles when they are typing in the search textbox. The problem is..


23rd of August 2012 0

How do i convert jquery 1.4.2 to 1.7.2 code ?

var d=300; $ (‘#navigation a’).each(function(){ $ (this).stop().animate({ ‘marginTop’:’-80px’ },d+=150); }); $ (‘..


15th of August 2012 0

jquery code question?

I purchased jquery slideshow code hoping to just insert the script and code files to my web folder and change the name of the sample images to the names of..


5th of June 2012 0

What is wrong with my code can someone please tell me ?

/** * Create a dialog asking the user to confirm deleting selected items. */ function confirmDeleteSelected(event) { jQuery(“#dialog-confirmDelete..


24th of May 2012 0

Need help with my javascript code?

I’m trying to put a slideshow in my site for a school project. The buttons and the first picture shows up but the slides don’t move when I clic..


21st of December 2011 0

JQUERY or AJAX code for a timed script.?

I need to run a PHP script every minute that a user is logged in to a site. How to I set up an AJAX query that executes a script once a minute? Best answer..


21st of December 2011 1

When and where does the Jquery get fired in the following code.?

There is a button with an id of create-user that brings up a dialog form. I just can’t figure out how and what fires off the JQuery script.. The code..


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