9th of April 2014 0

How can I fix this form’s code?

I need to make sure that the validation works for the drop down, as well as the email field, and after it’s been validated, i need the script to send..


28th of February 2014 0

does any one have any jquery projects or websites code to lend with explanation?

I want some work related to jquery and help wud be really appreciated.thanks Best answer: Answer by Chris BjQuery can be used to do pretty much anything as..


26th of December 2013 0

Placing ads in pop-up windows | php source code, tutorials on php …

all about PHP and CodeIgniter frame work for php programmer,CSS web design,Jquery Ajax tutorials, Image gallery and many more on Framework.php in html, htm..


21st of November 2013 0

Code to make an image slide or move to certain spot when scrolling page?

I am trying to find a way to build code to have an image move to a certain spot on a webpage when you scroll the page. So, say I load a page an image shows..


13th of November 2013 1

HTML code to make a automatic appearance of subscription form?

Hi, I was managing a wordpress website. I have made a RSS feed subscription with google’s feedburner. I like to appear that subscription form once th..


21st of July 2013 2

What is the best code based web IDE & framework for ajax web applications?

I’ve been using CS4 and just seem to battling against it instead of it working for me. Is there something better? Must be code based, not WYSIWYG. Al..


21st of February 2013 1

does anyone have an html code for a fading slide show?

This is really annoying me and i need it for my website! Best answer: Answer by NikHi HTML is not responsible for this to get the best looking ones you wil..


20th of February 2013 1

jquery.ime (Part 2) on Code Deconstructed – Episode 6

We conclude our look at jquery.ime by creating a bookmarklet for it. This allows us to use the input method on almost any web page. You can see some of the..


13th of February 2013 1

what is the HTML code for a simple survey box?

i am making a website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 for a research experiment, and i need it to have a form where people can write an answer, press some so..


4th of January 2013 4


Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good HTML code books. I prefer to use Notepad, and the book I currently have is for dreamweaver. Or if anyone kn..


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