10th of June 2011 0

Is using an iFrame in a jQuery Lightbox solution bad practice? What is best practice?

At my work, we are having an argument about a lightbox solution. I am in favor of having the html / image / flash displayed in a div, without the need for ..


1st of January 2011 0

Best Of Community Design News – December | Jo's Web – Creative …

Fresh jQuery Plugins For Your Next Project – Episode 7. Quick and powerful, jQuery can help designers and developers create awesome interactive websites ..


25th of December 2010 1

What should I choose best to work with in Ajax and why, JQuery or GWT?

I’m coding in JSP and a little bit confused from choosing jQuery or GWT in creating Ajax apps. Provide me the best information to help make my mind f..


20th of December 2010 18

7 Best JQuery Image Gallery – Photograph Slideshow

Photos are the greatest choice to add existence in a web site. But plain basic images are now outdated. Splashy, layouts for images are the current hot dev..


14th of November 2010 0

Cool jQuery plugins – September 2010 | Best Web Gallery – Flash …

Cool jQuery plugins – September 2010. Today we presents a roundup of cool jQuery plugins for September 2010. Read More. Tags. What you think about this p..


7th of November 2010 0

Best practices for populating a list with Ajax – Jquery Home

$ (‘#page_id’).live(‘pageshow’,function(event, ui){ populateList(articles_kml_url, ‘#wikipedia’); }). The problem is th..


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