4th of March 2014 0

Help with SCROLLING ANIMATION on my WEBSITE? *will choose best*?

i want to make an object swing depending on how fast you scroll back and fourth on the page. What kind of software will i need, and how do i incorporate th..


1st of November 2013 1

JQuery Plugin Authoring Best Practices

Ben Alman, Bocoup. jQuery plugins are everywhere, and the chance that YOU will write one—if you haven’t already—are pretty high. There are many t..


2nd of August 2013 3

What is the best book to use for web design and learning HTML, CSS, and PHP???

Best answer: Answer by Andrew is a good website. I don’t know anything about books though. Know better? Leave your own answer in the c..


21st of July 2013 2

What is the best code based web IDE & framework for ajax web applications?

I’ve been using CS4 and just seem to battling against it instead of it working for me. Is there something better? Must be code based, not WYSIWYG. Al..


21st of July 2013 0

Best jQuery Slider Demo: Create the best image slideshow in a few clicks!

Best jQuery Slider Crystal Basic Linear Demo: Free Download for Win & Mac: Best jQuery Slider Maker. Cre..


25th of February 2013 1

What is the best IDE and what else do I need to create a website that uses the following things?

1)Ruby On Rails and/or PHP (Preferably RoR) 2)Sql, 3)JavaScript (with Ajax and JQuery) 4)HTML5 5)CSS3 Best answer: Answer by JennaYou can use Dreamweaver w..


30th of July 2012 1

What is the best way to go about learning jQuery?

I don’t really know any javascript, I’m a decent programmer though (PHP, MySQL, Python, Django). Should I learn javascript before learning jque..


12th of May 2012 0

JQuery Navigation Idea, what would be the best way to do this.?

I’m created a website and I would like to implement a navigation with Jquery instead of Flash. The effect I’m going for is a blue text image sl..


29th of December 2011 0

what’s the best wysiwyg html editor with jquery plugins included?

i am searching for the HTML what you see is what you get editor.i know few of them but really they cant be my choice for TABLELESS web page designing and t..


21st of December 2011 1

What’s the best site to find examples of Javascript or jQuery based calculators?

I’m trying to build a simple website that automatically recalculates various numbers based upon values input into a form. Something very similar to t..


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