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18th of April 2013 3

Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery (Tutorial)

HTML code – http://freetexthost.com/glspni46fy CSS code – http://freetexthost.com/ivxuue5unv Javascript code- http://freetexthost.com/yrujhsvi3q jQuery sourc…

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  1. idreamApple 12:08 pm 18/04 of 2013

    Hey, I’m glad it helped! :) I’ve been wuite busy sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. Look up this link – w3schools[dot]com/css/css_positioning.asp

  2. Oli Spicer 12:51 pm 18/04 of 2013

    Hi, firstly, thanks a lot for the tutorial, it was very helpful :) Although I have a slight problem, when I intergrate the menu into my webpage, the menu’s overflow either pushes the content below it down, or is hidden behind the content. Is there a way to set the overflow to the front so that it’s visible without pushing the content down ? Thank you

  3. Rujith Krishnan 1:33 pm 18/04 of 2013

    It can be done using only CSS.


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