Simple Jquery Pagination Plugin pt.3/6

5th of October 2013 3

Simple Jquery Pagination Plugin pt.3/6

A simple jquery pagination plugin tutorial made from scratch using jquery, html, css only. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a jquery plugin from …

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  1. Mark Arbor 1:52 am 5/10 of 2013

    What He means is, when you click the selected ‘page number’ the page doesn’t scroll itself up (it stays down), The way the pagination should work is to direct the ‘viewer’ to the top of the page (just like using hrefs with anchors), and this one doesn’t. Is that what You wanted to say Ernest?

  2. Lamin Sanneh 2:39 am 5/10 of 2013

    Hello Ernest, sorry but I donot comprehend your problem. Perhaps you could send me your code and describe your problem a little differently and I may be able to help you. My email is…Thanks

  3. Ernest Bartosevic 3:32 am 5/10 of 2013

    Your tutorial is great it works for me, but there is one but, when you click the number it doesent goes up to show the most up post it keeps you down showing the number of pages. How to fix that? Because it is annoying after going to page 2 or 3 or what ever you need also scroll up to have a look at the top post.


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