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24th of June 2013 0

Should I do password hashing before or after submitting post data?

I’m trying to create a login form. My original plan was that after dumating submitting the password through an HTML form, I would then hash and salt the password then store them in the database. Is it better idea to hash the password first so what gets submitted in the postdata is already hashed? Would it be more secure or is it a waste of time? Is this possible in javascript/jquery?

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Answer by gjmb1960
if you send and store a hashed password then there is no use to hash it. because if some-one reads the hashed password from the database, he can use that hashed password, even without unhashing it.

if you send a plain password and store it hashed in the database it is a bit safer, because you will first need to unhash the password before using it.

still better is to send an unhashed password over httpS(ecure) and store it hashed in the database.
the ssl protocol with encrypt the password transparently for you.

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