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17th of June 2013 25

OpenJS Grid v2 – Awesome jQuery Data Table

Finally. It’s been 8 months, but I finally did it. Complete re write of OpenJS Grid. I don’t feel like writing things here all over again, so please go to ht…
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  1. optikalefxx 2:07 am 17/06 of 2013

    Everyone seems to want that. I guess I could do that, maybe that’s what most people want anyway. It’s not too hard to build all that in, I guess the goal behind this grid was that you normally use it with a database.

    I’d have to build the sorting methods and paging methods into JS since they call ajax right now, otherwise if you just looked at the JSON packet in the Network Tab of Console, you can essentially feed the grid that.

  2. seanmcne 2:40 am 17/06 of 2013

    This looks great Sean, are you working on anything to allow “binding” or sourcing the grid from a json object, xml, or custom javascript object for client-side only scenarios? Great work!

  3. Mohamed Massoud 3:38 am 17/06 of 2013

    Thank YOU for prompt response, It looks as it shold be now.

  4. optikalefxx 4:20 am 17/06 of 2013

    Sorry about that, The grid demonstrates deleting, and I haven’t turned that off server side yet, so some funny guy keeps deleting all my rows. Woo.

    They are back now.


  5. Mohamed Massoud 4:51 am 17/06 of 2013

    Hi Sean,
    This is awsome, I have watched all your grid videos since the start. This is the best grid table I have seen so far.
    Unfortunately, your web site is not showing any tables as well as no interactions. I have tried different browsers but still cannot see what you demonstrated here.
    Is this fixable ?
    Thanks in advance,

  6. optikalefxx 5:28 am 17/06 of 2013

    Hi, Yea this new version got rid of some features in lou of some speed improvements for now. The 3 you mentioned are gone, but aren’t hard to put back at a later date or by yourself. I can show you how if you want to email me.

    The color changing is done via CSS, and the tutorial I made before on color changing was just showing you what styles to change when you click a button. They are different now but the same concept still applies. Only a few CSS things need to be changed to theme it.

  7. optikalefxx 6:22 am 17/06 of 2013

    I’ve talked to them at the jQuery Conf last year, they are working on one, and have been for 3 years now. I don’t think they will ever finish it.

  8. Wei Lou 6:47 am 17/06 of 2013

    Hi Sean, thanks for the great grid. Quick regarding this v2.1.5 release. Has number of row per page box, column highlight and row selection/move to top being removed from this new release?
    I like the old darker color theme, went through all the video tutorials, can’t figure out how to change it. Is there a special key click? I saw in one of your tutorial you changed the theme with some clicks. How do you do that? Thanks,

  9. optikalefxx 7:02 am 17/06 of 2013

    Ugh, thanks Rick. All fixed. That’s a decent idea. Could easily make a field type for that.

  10. Rick Gibson 7:22 am 17/06 of 2013

    Sean, the button on your site is not working.
    I think adding the tag js to this table would be awesome.

  11. Mohanad Kaleia 7:59 am 17/06 of 2013

    I want to ask about two points:
    First I can’t use openJs with CodeIgniter !! can you help me with it please?
    Second There is no enough documentation and examples to use this awesome grid :(

  12. optikalefxx 8:25 am 17/06 of 2013

    Right, so yea you can’t do that yet. It searches all columns no matter what. I haven’t yet built the ability to just search on 1 or 2 columns. If you wanna put that in in the github issue tracker, itll make the next major release. Good idea.

  13. prophecym 9:16 am 17/06 of 2013

    Sorry, I am not exactly following what you meant. But what I meant was, for example, when I search for a very common name Michael Smith, it pulls up so many. I would like to search another column at the same time, for example, country UK, so I can eliminate every Micheal Smith that doesn’t live in UK.

  14. optikalefxx 9:52 am 17/06 of 2013

    Well when you type in a search, it searches all the columns. That’s both for filter and when you hit enter to search the database. You can add more columns to search on by adding them to the fields array in PHP. What you can’t do, is specify it yourself, every search is done on every used column.

  15. prophecym 10:17 am 17/06 of 2013

    I have been following your work and waiting this new release. It is excitingly nice. But I couldn’t figure out how to search within multiple columns. Not that I don’t like the search feature, but most of the time I need to search multiple columns at the same time so I can filter out better. Is there any future development for this or am I missing it?

  16. optikalefxx 10:27 am 17/06 of 2013

    Stressing the – if you want the latest go to github. I’ve made a bunch of bug fixes lately.

  17. avneesh gupta 11:00 am 17/06 of 2013

    Hey awesome Grid and excellent work!! but its not running properly on ma localhost . it always show ” loading… ” in the rows and did not fetch data from table even after the whole page is completely loaded . The same prob with V 1.8. can u help me out please??

  18. optikalefxx 11:27 am 17/06 of 2013

    Notice! If you want the latest and greatest with the fixes, pull from the repo on GitHub

  19. Darren Cato 12:01 pm 17/06 of 2013

    This looks great. Excellent work!

  20. ch4y 12:04 pm 17/06 of 2013

    cool. i’ll try it in my future project

  21. limited06 12:41 pm 17/06 of 2013

    Real nice, very slick integration. I probably won’t use it myself but I will look into the techniques you use so I can learnt things myself :)

  22. Brix Valenciano 1:29 pm 17/06 of 2013

    Thank you!!

  23. Pachara7 1:43 pm 17/06 of 2013

    Thank you,
    I do love your video and your code. ^^
    Really Cool…..

  24. optikalefxx 2:24 pm 17/06 of 2013

    Ill answer this publicly as well. I don’t have a “multiple delete” built in, but to add it, you would just make a button outside of the grid, that button would use jQuery to get all checked rows, and then call some delete. I can see adding a getChecked method to help, as well as a deleteMany to the PHP class. But currently you’d have to do a multiple delete on your own. Thanks!

  25. ulogacms 3:12 pm 17/06 of 2013

    looks really good! great job ! :)


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