Move a DIV using JavaScript on scrolling?

23rd of January 2014 0

Move a DIV using JavaScript on scrolling?

I want to transfer the value of .scrolltop to the left attribute on a div, so when I scroll the window, the div would move left or right depending on the current value of scrollTop.
I have no idea of who to write this!

“Just got me a javascript book yesterday”

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Answer by Teoma
If you give the DIV an ID then you can reference it in javascript using:

var theDiv = document.getElementById(‘divIDname’); = ’10px’; // would set the DIVs position 10 pixels from the left

There’s tons of things you can then do with it’s attributes and CSS styling.

The easiest way I found to animate DIVs is to use jQuery, follow a few simple tutorials on it and it’s very simple, but do read that book first ☺ ( )

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