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14th of June 2011 0

Lazy load on simple HTML page?


On one of my wordpress sites I installed a nifty plugin called ‘jQuery lazy load plugin’. With this plugin it waits with loading the images until the user requests it (scrolls down) which safes bandwidth and looks cool!

Now, I want to use this kind of script also on one of my other websites. The problem is, this website is a simple HTML page I wrote in notepad. So I cant use plugins or what ever. Is there a simple way I can use this on my HTML page also? Like include some javascript or so?

I googled a little but i couldnt find an easy solution. Oh also, please note, I’m not a programmer (read: im a noob) so keep that in mind if you respond :P

Best answer:

Answer by Ron
JQuery is JavaScript and can be used on any page/site that allows JS.

jQuery lazy load plugin: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/lazyload


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