JQuery UI Effects Image Gallery with a Fade in-Part 1

23rd of January 2014 3

JQuery UI Effects Image Gallery with a Fade in-Part 1

Improved Part 2 : http://youtu.be/M4usGXRFrnY download link : http://qualitylessons.net/downloads1.html JQuery UI Image Gallery jQuery UI is a curated set of…
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  1. Ritu Sachdev 2:15 am 23/01 of 2014

    leemme be the first to lyk it :) u rock asusual… !!

  2. Mohit Manuja 2:53 am 23/01 of 2014

    (smiling back)

  3. Jon Poulter 2:57 am 23/01 of 2014

    A note for this that I discovered almost by accident – if you try to
    translate this code across to your website, be careful to make sure that
    the capitalisation of the folders is the same (images vs Images) since it
    turned out this difference was enough to stop my remote version (the local,
    oddly, worked perfectly) from functioning.


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