jQuery Tutorial – 132 – Creating a hover text plugin

17th of February 2013 10

jQuery Tutorial – 132 – Creating a hover text plugin

Check out the full jQuery series at www.thenewboston.com Here is a link to the phpacademy YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now! www.youtube.com And here is the phpacademy official website: phpacademy.org

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  1. mihkeltiit 10:19 pm 17/02 of 2013

    Best tutorial so far , cool to find solution and understanding it all , thanks bro good job , keep it up !

  2. darek18b 10:40 pm 17/02 of 2013

    Thanks! I had the same problem, but I added $(document).scrollTop() to top value. It worked, but your solution is much easier ;)

  3. Sander Looijenga 11:26 pm 17/02 of 2013

    I was wondering that myself as well, still am in matter of fact!

  4. Wilh87 11:36 pm 17/02 of 2013

    Guys, I just noticed “e.clientX/Y” wont work if you scroll the page. Change it to “e.pageX/Y” instead, and it should be alright.

  5. Wilh87 11:55 pm 17/02 of 2013

    What happened to ‘if title is undefined’?

  6. mutumbakenya 12:39 am 18/02 of 2013

    Good job.while reasoning out you taught me something new on defining variables

  7. youpattube1 12:52 am 18/02 of 2013

    I enjoyed hearing you reason your way to the solutions. thanks for not editing it out.

  8. 1Alino 1:48 am 18/02 of 2013

    awesome, thanks

  9. muhammad al shehri 2:06 am 18/02 of 2013

    Second liker

  10. GamersWithGuns 2:28 am 18/02 of 2013

    Good shit man!


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