jQuery Tutorial – 128 – Creating a hover text plugin

22nd of December 2012 3

jQuery Tutorial – 128 – Creating a hover text plugin

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  1. Novica89 3:30 pm 22/12 of 2012

    You said in previouse videos that we do not have to use $(this) but just “this” inside the .js file which is our plugin,because we have already declare the $ sign inside the bracket of the function and you do it :) AHA ! the student becomes the teacher muahah ! ok i need to stop watching tutorials and call it for today….am going mad.

  2. Silverbender188 4:04 pm 22/12 of 2012

    it needs to be OR. An attribute cannot be UNDEFINED and equal nothing at the same time. Actually in this case I think either would work

  3. dingoBingoIt 4:40 pm 22/12 of 2012



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