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3rd of March 2014 11

jQuery Tutorial – 102 – AJAX Send Data

Check out the full jQuery series at Here is a link to the phpacademy YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now!…
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11 great comment(s) for this post

  1. IFrameRodger 1:15 am 3/03 of 2014

    why not?

  2. songokute 1:25 am 3/03 of 2014

    Why you always put “id” attribute before “type” attribute, even you typed
    “type=text” first, then you move cursor to make “id” before “type”!!! Why?

  3. camarenabrosDOTcom 2:00 am 3/03 of 2014

    ha now no one can post first!

  4. Rahil Wazir Ali 2:26 am 3/03 of 2014

    isset means it is set to string, int or any other object and !isset it’s
    not set

  5. 123japanuser 2:52 am 3/03 of 2014


  6. attackvendor 3:37 am 3/03 of 2014

    thank you very much

  7. saif khan 4:15 am 3/03 of 2014

    what is alternative use of isset() in plz help me….

  8. imOver18no 4:49 am 3/03 of 2014

    Very helpful :)

  9. FFWDEntertainment 5:23 am 3/03 of 2014

    A good technique ive picked up when doing these tuts is to try to watch the
    entire tut and remember everything and at the end try to create it on your
    own without peaking, if you do this the material will stick to you x10
    better i promise, especially if you go a step further and write it on paper.

  10. ElementHTTP 6:05 am 3/03 of 2014

    To run .php file you must have localhost server -install xampp – and or
    watch frst 5 PHP tutorials from newboston ( PHP Tutorials Playlist) :)

  11. Own44j4 6:09 am 3/03 of 2014



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