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15th of April 2014 1

Video tutorial for using the jQuery basic image slider (basic-slider.com)

This is a video tutorial for the jQuery basic image slider that can be found at (basic-slider.com). You can view more tutorials and learn web design &..


13th of April 2014 1

Hi Slider – top free Jquery Slider

http://www.hislider.com/ Hi Slider (hislider.com) is best jquery slider maker which enables you to publish responsive jquery sliders without special skill...


28th of March 2014 0

Hi Slider – Cool jQuery Slider Maker to Create Html5 Gallery

Building a dynamic website with eye-catching sliders can greatly engage the visitors. Hi Slider is free software for personal use, and this software will e..


19th of March 2014 4

Building a custom UI Audio Slider with JavaScript and jQuery UI…the video tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how a slider that controls the volume of a song can easily be added with JavaScript and jQuery UI.


16th of March 2014 0

Can someone give me a little guidance with web desing?

Hello all: This one is a little long, so please bear with me. I figure the more you know about myself in situ, the better answer you’ll be able to gi..


12th of March 2014 0

jQuery Banner Slider: Beautiful Transition Effects and Fancy Templates!

jQuery Banner Slider Pinboard Fly Demo: http://www.wowslider.com/jquery-slider-pinboard-fly-demo.html Free Download for Win & Mac: http://wowslider.co..


20th of February 2014 0

How do I make a picture slideshow?

On my website (http://www.gamerzlook.com/hq/cheatz.html) I’m designing cheat pages for games of all platforms. I just started on it a little bit ago...


3rd of February 2014 0

Hi Slider is released as Free jQuery Slider Software by hislider.com

There is no limitation on image slider output. Once you install our program, you can use it to create as many jQuery image sliders as you like. http://hisl..


25th of January 2014 1

How to implement jQuery slider controls | lynda.com tutorial

This jQuery Mobile tutorial demonstrates how to create a slider control to choose between a range of ratings or values. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/..


15th of January 2014 1

I want to add a slideshow library to my website?

I want to add a slideshow library to my website so I can add more than one slideshow viewer is able to simply click on slideshow they want to watch. Please..


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